Sunday, February 11, 2007

Who has the best cell coverage in upper Bucks County??

I'm hoping to inform anyone in northern Bucks county specifically Riegelsville Borough, Durham, Springfield, Nockamixon, Bridgetown and Tinicum towships of the actual cell phone coverage of these areas; who's the best, who's the worst, where there are holes in a cell companies coverage ,what company would work best for you include plans, prices and overall reliability. If you have any feedback I invite you to post your experiences with you current provider or where there are dead (no coverage) spots, dropped calls etc.....

Verizon Wireless and Sprint have the best coverage in our area. These companies have done an outstanding job of filling in many of the gaps in coverage in our hilly terrain during the past few years. Almost all areas are covered by Verizon Wireless and Sprint (Note: Sprint, When native sprint coverage is not available Sprint phones will roam on Verizon's network). These two companies are highly recommended for our rural area! Verizon Wireless and Sprint now have 3G wireless broadband data in all of upper Bucks.

Cingular has also done a good job of increasing coverage in upper bucks in the past few years and has coverage in most places but there is still areas of no coverage especially in hollows of Tinicum township and on the plateau west of the Delaware river valley and east of route 611 in Tinicum and Bridgeton including Marienstein road areas. there is also very low coverage and no coverage in parts of Durham and Springfield townships along route 212 mainly because of the terrain. Cingular also has somewhat low signal in Riegelsville because there is no tower near the borough. Cingular coverage is great along route 611 south of reigelsville through nockamixon and into tinicum also in the delaware river valley anywhere on route 32. Cingular coverage on route 412 in Nockamixon is good until you start to go down the hill in Springfield township. Note: You do get dropped calls on Cingular in this area! NO 3G broadband in our area.

Nextel- Nextel's coverage is variable mainly because of the spacing of their towers and the local terrain the best coverage is along route 611 I wouldn't recommend nextel for our area its hit and miss.

T-Mobile- Bottom of the barrel coverage in this area DO NOT be drawn to them by their low prices they cover only about 20% of the area and they refuse to build any towers here. T-Mobile only works directly along route 611 in tinicum and nockamixon towship and a small portion of 412 near harrow. coverage ends on 611 at revere. they have only 3 towers in our entire area. route 611 at the dairy farm near Ottsville, another just west of harrow near 611 and 412. and the only other area that has t-mobile coverage is along route 32 in Tincum and Bridgetown (adjacent to Frenchtown) in the river valley and hilltop views of the cell site thats on the water tower in Frenchtown.

Links to Coverage

papaul picks for upper Bucks.

1. Verizon Wireless
2. Sprint
3. Cingular

bottom of the barrel

1. Nextel
2. T-Mobile